Plantation Shutters

Locally Manufactured

Brisbane Timber Blind and Shutter Company is one of the few remaining businesses to manufacture Plantation Shutters. Our factory is located in Ormeau thus in a great location to service both Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Plantation Shutters also known as window shutters, shutter blinds, timber shutters or just shutters are a great way to enhance your home. Brisbane Timber Blind and Shutter Company custom makes all shutters to your needs. This includes sliding shutters, bi-folding shutters, fixed shutters and hinged shutters.


All Plantation Shutters are painted in our factory therefore you are able to choose any colour to match your home decor. Our Plantation Shutters are made of cedar so a natural finish is also a beautiful option. We also offer a lacquered or stained finish.

Shutter Options

Choose from our range of blade options to suit your needs. We offer both an aerofoil blade which is elliptical in shape or a flat blade. Both options are available in a 68mm, 90mm or 115mm size. You can also have a traditional tilt rod or opt for a streamlined clearview rod not visible on the front of the shutter.

Why Cedar is Superior?

Our Plantation Shutters are constructed from western red cedar. Cedar not only comes in a beautiful natural colour but can be painted to your specifications. Cedar is a great choice for plantation shutters because:

  • Western Red Cedar is made from sustainable managed resources rather than PVC (Which is man-made).
  • It is excellent for wet areas unlike plastics which can swell. (Saunas and Spas are made from Western Red Cedar)
  • Stays straight and therefore does not warp or twist.
  • It is naturally termite resistant.
  • Cedar has good thermal properties.
  • Cedar is lightweight.
  • There are beautiful unique colour variations.
  • Cedar will last the test of time because timber lasts forever.

To view more technical information regarding the advantages of cedar, visit the Western Red Cedar Association website.