Venetian Blinds

Create function and style within your home or business with stylish western red cedar, slimline aluminium and timber style Venetian blinds at extremely affordable prices.


Slimline Venetians are an elegant simple solution for any window covering. The durable aluminium blades can be rotated via the wand control allowing versatility in light and ventilation.
Slimline Venetians offer sun screening and privacy. Simply by operating the ‘tilt safe’ wand operation you can rotate the blades to your desired room lighting.
The ‘tilt safe’ system features a wand tilt operation which combines with the lifting cord running through the wand. The advantage of this system is that no cords are exposed when the blind is down, thus eliminating the risk of anyone being entangled in the cord.


The colour range has been selected to cater for all décor fashions and design. Covering the whole colour spectrum and including a range of metallic finishes, we offer an excellent palette from which to make your selection.


The 25mm square headbox is designed to suit both the standard manual operation and allows for the option of motorisation when desired.


All Slimline Venetians are fitted with safety tassels to conform to Australian Safety Standards (not including Western Red Cedar).


Timber style Venetian blinds allow complete control over how much natural light comes into a room. As the blades overlap they are able to be rotated 180 degrees via a rotating drum. The lift cord allows the blind to be pulled and stacked tightly to the top of the window and locking the blind into place when desired.


The Timber Style colours range will enhance any décor style with colours ranging from the brilliance of the snow white for a visually stunning modern look, through to the warm traditional timber look of coachwood.


Breakaway tassels ensure these blinds conform to Australian Safety Standards (not including Western Red Cedar).


Venetian Timber Blinds create a relaxed look and add a touch of warmth to any home. Whether it is a classic contemporary style or a modern look you are after our Timber Blinds are the solution.
Made from quality Western Red Cedar plantation timber, your order will be cut to size and assembled by quality craftsman and guaranteed to stand out from the rest.
Timber Venetian blinds are the perfect option for areas that may be subject to water or steam such as bathrooms, laundry or kitchens. They are also suitable for waterfront homes and beach fronts where there is high moisture and salt content.
With our variety of finishes including clear wood oil, clear stain lacquer, painted to any colour, limed or stained to match you décor.
Each blind is finished with a timber pelmet to match your timber blind and hold down clips.
Our timber blinds are available in a 46mm, 60mm or 90mm slat size.
Timber Venetian blinds allow you to have complete control over the natural light that enters the room. As the slats overlap they are able to be rotated 180 degrees, they can be pulled tightly to hide light or pulled up so that the entire window is clear.

All our timber Venetians are individually custom made to fit your windows at an extremely affordable price.