Slat Screening

Aluminium slat screening is a flat batten screening, a superior look and suitable for any residence. This stylish and functional addition can be used for a range of applications indoors and out. Aluminium slat screening is strong and durable and can be utilised for decks, patios, pergolas, verandas, and balconies offering privacy and shade as well as enclosing carports and courtyards.

Aluminium slat screening is an attractive solution for gates and fencing, enabling security and weather protection whilst preserving the view. Internal use includes windows and privacy screens. Other uses include hiding unsightly objects such as bins, water tanks and pool cleaners, or enhancing features such as gardens and boardwalks. Every screen can either run vertically or horizontally.

With our powder coated range of standard and custom colours we are guaranteed to enhance your existing home. Aluminium slat screening are low maintenance and resistant to deterioration, corrosion and weathering. The strong long lasting material reduces outside noise as well as decreasing U.V light and heat. Aluminium slat screening is visually stunning, combining function and sophistication we ensure to transform any desired area into a unique modern masterpiece.