Western Red Cedar


Just a couple of reasons why we think you should use Western Red Cedar:

  • Western Red Cedar is made from sustainable managed resources.
  • Excellent for wet areas. (Saunas and Spas are made from Western Red Cedar)
  • Stays straight and does not warp or twist.
  • Naturally termite resistant.
  • Good thermal properties.
  • Light weight.
  • Beautiful unique colour variations.
  • Will last the test of time, timber lasts forever.
  • Manufactured locally and made to measure.

Also, click here for more technical information at the Western Red Cedar Association Website.

Plantation Shutters Brisbane Add Style and Value to your Home

Many Brisbane home owners are choosing Plantation Shutters as a preffered window covering choice.

So with Plantation Shutters being your choice for window blinds,  What Makes the Best Plantation Shutters?

Vinyl, Basswood, Poplar, Maple or another Hardwood?

Plantation shutters are an excellent choice for high quality, attractive and functional window treatments. If you are considering buying plantation shutters, no doubt you quickly learned of the myriad of choices that are available to you.

Our Plantation Shutters are custom plantation shutters to fit your windows. And then there is the construction material – among the most common materials used in plantation shutter construction include vinyl, Basswood, Poplar, Maple and a variety of fine hardwoods. And not surprisingly, each material brings different levels of quality and price ranging from vinyl shutters to custom wood plantation shutters.

Talk to Phil from Brisbane Timber Blind Company today to find out more on Planation Shutters.

Timber Shutters Perfect For Brisbane Summer

Style and function has never been so easy! Keep your house and outdoor living area cool in summer with award winning blinds from Brisbane Timber Blind And Shutter Company. Give your home a style upgrade with high quality timber shutters.  Block out the harsh sun in summer, allow a cool breeze in winter and give your family the privacy to enjoy life.  Timber shutters by Brisbane Timber Blind And Shutter Company are designed and manufactured in Brisbane using sustainable, quality materials and the latest production techniques.

Bring indoor living outdoors, with our range of timber shutters. Transform your existing living area with custom timber shutters to create a cool and comfortable living room, perfect for entertaining guests, family dinners or escaping the busy world with a book. Timber shutters combine aesthetics with enhanced functionality to bring a range of flexible shutters to maximise ventilation through your home.

Timber shutters add value to any type of home whether it be traditional or contemporary.  Timber shutters and plantation shutters are delivered and installed by the experienced team in no time at all! Get the right timber shutters for your style of house and be confident you have made the right decision for your family home.

Brisbane Timber Blind And Shutter Company are proud to offer a fully customized service tailored to your individual needs and install plantation shutters and custom shutters to fit any size area. To view the complete range of quality and long lasting timber blinds for your home visit or call 1800 000 846 for a measure and quote today!

Timber Blinds Timber Shutters Plantation Shutters Massive Discounts on Full Range Now

At Brisbane Timber Blind Company we are slashing the prices on all their timber blinds, timber shutters and plantation shutters for a short period of time. We are meeting the market place so now it is the best time to purchase some new blinds for your home or work place.

BTBC are a Brisbane blind company that are dedicated to providing the very best in timber blinds and shutters at affordable pricing.

We provide a free measure and quote service for all our customers and we guarantee great pricing on all blinds and shutters.

So if you are a  Brisbane home owner and want a better deal on new timber blinds, shutters or plantation shutters contact us 1800 000 846

Contemporary Designs at Brisbane Timber Blinds and Shutters Company

Brisbane Timber Blinds and Shutters is an Australian owned company that specialises in contemporary designs of plantation timber blinds for houses and businesses within Brisbane. We offer a comprehensive range of custom made timber blinds and shutters, aluminium shutters and fabric blinds all at affordable prices to suit your budget.

Our team’s expertise can assist you in finding the perfect timber shutters to match the style and architecture of your house. With our help at BTBC, you can enhance the whole atmosphere of your home at a low cost. Our team aim to work closely with their customers in order to install the best possible window furnishing to suit their home and their budget.

Along with our services we also provide D.I.Y timber blind kits and custom made plantation shutters.

For more information please contact our professional team on 1800 000 846.

Interior Aluminium Shutters Exterior Aluminium Shutters Brisbane

Aluminium shutters are a lightweight, durable window and door solutions that fit perfectly in any home or commercial development. Unlike traditional timber shutters, aluminium shutters are a low maintenance, lightweight, durable window and guaranteed to last the life of your home, offering protection and flexibility all year round.

  • Flexible Window Solution
    For the ultimate control of temperature and light in your Queensland home contact Brisbane Timber Blind Company (BTBC). Introducing their new range of aluminium shutters and aluminium shutter doors, Brisbane Timber Blind Company have left a trail of satisfied customers across as they make their way through Brisbane and the Gold Coast with their flexible aluminium window and door solutions.
  • Exterior Aluminium Shutters
    Outdoor aluminium shutters can be added to the exterior of your home allowing extra control of light and ventilation while adding privacy to high populated suburban areas.
  • Interior Aluminium Shutters
    Indoor aluminium shutters added to the interior of your home, or installed during construction or renovation can compliment or replace glass windows and doors. With BTBC Gold Coast aluminium shutters you can increase the security of your home with stainless steel locks and fixtures, while allowing you to have increased directional airflow, light and privacy.
  • Custom Design
    Aluminium Shutters can be tailored to suit any interior room from the bedroom, bathroom to the kitchen and living room; while also fitting seamlessly onto outdoor patios, verandas, garages, carports and barbeque areas. The strength of BTBC Gold Coast aluminium shutters allows them to give you protection in high wind areas.

With an elegant matte silver finish, or powder coated in your preferred colour, aluminium shutters and aluminium shutter doors add a light, contemporary feel to your home decor while performing to the highest standard at all times. Make the most of your home with Brisbane Timber Blind Company Aluminium Shutters. Visit the online showroom today at or get a quote today call 1800 000 846.

Control Light Heat And Ventilation This Winter With Timber Shutters Brisbane

Add function and style to contemporary and traditional homes with painted Timber Shutters and Western Red Cedar Shutters by Brisbane Timber Blind and Shutter Company.

Outdoor entertainment doesn’t have to end with the summer. Brisbane Timber Blind and Shutter Company create flexible outdoor entertainment rooms that allow ultimate control of sunlight, privacy and airflow keeping the cold wind out and the warm sun in on days that you need it most.

Reduce heat escaping through open glass windows with Timber Shutters on interior windows and doors of your home. With simple to operate louvers the single timber shutters, bi-folding timber shutters and fixed shutter design allows for custom design and installation to suit every room of your home.

Browse the beautiful range of carefully crafted timber Blinds by Brisbane Timber Blinds and Shutter Company, local Brisbane timber shutters and aluminium shutter design, manufacture and installation.

For more information on the extremely affordable Timber Shutters, aluminium shutters and fabric blinds or to receive a custom measure and quote contact our friendly team on 1800 000 846.