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Interior Aluminium Shutters Exterior Aluminium Shutters Brisbane

Aluminium shutters are a lightweight, durable window and door solutions that fit perfectly in any home or commercial development. Unlike traditional timber shutters, aluminium shutters are a low maintenance, lightweight, durable window and guaranteed to last the life of your home, offering protection and flexibility all year round.

  • Flexible Window Solution
    For the ultimate control of temperature and light in your Queensland home contact Brisbane Timber Blind Company (BTBC). Introducing their new range of aluminium shutters and aluminium shutter doors, Brisbane Timber Blind Company have left a trail of satisfied customers across as they make their way through Brisbane and the Gold Coast with their flexible aluminium window and door solutions.
  • Exterior Aluminium Shutters
    Outdoor aluminium shutters can be added to the exterior of your home allowing extra control of light and ventilation while adding privacy to high populated suburban areas.
  • Interior Aluminium Shutters
    Indoor aluminium shutters added to the interior of your home, or installed during construction or renovation can compliment or replace glass windows and doors. With BTBC Gold Coast aluminium shutters you can increase the security of your home with stainless steel locks and fixtures, while allowing you to have increased directional airflow, light and privacy.
  • Custom Design
    Aluminium Shutters can be tailored to suit any interior room from the bedroom, bathroom to the kitchen and living room; while also fitting seamlessly onto outdoor patios, verandas, garages, carports and barbeque areas. The strength of BTBC Gold Coast aluminium shutters allows them to give you protection in high wind areas.

With an elegant matte silver finish, or powder coated in your preferred colour, aluminium shutters and aluminium shutter doors add a light, contemporary feel to your home decor while performing to the highest standard at all times. Make the most of your home with Brisbane Timber Blind Company Aluminium Shutters. Visit the online showroom today at or get a quote today call 1800 000 846.

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